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Steampunk survival game where you operate giant drills, fight robots and survive eruptions.

Latest news 

Automation Update Fixes 

and 2 New Features

As the title suggests with a bunch of fixes we also added 2 new features. You can see the first one in this video. Basically, you can call the drillship from anywhere...

Automation Update is Now Live

We're beyond excited that the Automation Update is finally out! Prepare for some serious remodeling as this update adds over 40 new machines and gadgets that give you even more control over your brassy mobile base...

Progress Report: Automation Update

This update is focused on Drillship automation systems allowing you to build assembly lines and improved control over all drillship systems. As you advance through the island depths, you get access to more advanced devices...



We do our best to release new content updates every 1-2 months. Each update brings new features, fixes and improvements to the game. For a list of the upcoming features visit our public roadmap on Trello.


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